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waterpark "fun"

soo I had a mini photoshoot with a friend at a shutdown waterpark here in auburn! there was a lot of beautiful scenery for pictures, but it was the most miserable experience for me ever... it was extremely hot and humid and there were mosquitoes literally EVERYWHERE. I'm pretty sure I got over 20 mosquito bites within the hour. it was awful and one of the many reasons why I hate summer. but on the bright side, we got a few decent pictures! here's a little sneak peek: xoxo, sarah

I miss the beach.

a throwback to spring break because I kinda miss the beach right now and these fun times! and it definitely wasn't as hot as it is right now back then (I hate the heat)! this was in gulf shores, alabama. my best friend rachael took these and she did a fab job! xoxo, sarah