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Some of my favorite things

My favorites posts aren't as common as they used to be, but I still like... things?? What I've learned over the last year is that I need some time to figure out if I truly like something. I used to make favorites posts every couple of months and I realized some of the items that I included in previous favorites post weren't really things I loved or I just liked in the moment. So I think doing these posts less often (more like once a year lol), has given me a chance to actually tell you guys what I truly liked and what I recommend. Or maybe it's just an excuse and I'm really just lazy, lol. But ANYWAYS....... here are some random things I've been loving in the last year!! Converse || Chuck Taylor All Star White High Tops I've always wanted a pair of classic white converse, so I finally decided to buy a pair! I think they are a good "basic" investment purchase because they go with a ton of outfits and will get a lot of wear. Aside from the fact that