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What I Learned in 2017

For some odd reason, this has been my favorite post to write all year and I'm so excited to finally share it. I started this post earlier in the year and as you can tell, I learned a lot. Photography is an actual talent. There are plenty of people out there who are terrible at taking photos. Choose wisely when you ask to get your photo taken. Don't remove the price tags off new clothes until you actually wear the clothes. If someone makes you uncomfortable on social media, don't give them attention; ignore them or delete them. But in addition, don't delete people on social media out of pettiness. Only delete/block if they are having a negative impact on your life or your mental health. Just because someone looks happy on social media doesn't mean they are happy in real life. Bug bate is a temporary solution to getting rid of bugs. CLEAN UP YOUR MESS TO PREVENT BUG INFESTATION. If you have feelings for someone, tell them. The worst they can do is not feel