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What I Learned in 2020

And sarah's back after a long break!!! Jk, it wasn't really a break, I have just been really really bad about posting and I'm sorry!! While I know I've been slacking, I knew I couldn't just skip posting my favorite post of the year... sharing what I learned in 2020! This year I ended up reflecting on my previous posts and I'm kinda filled with nostalgia, but also I'm like, what the hell is my life??? lol. Last year I talked about how 2019 was one of the worst years of my life and I truly thought 2020 was gonna be my year and..... let me just say this and I will state this again on this list: the most important thing that I learned this year is to never enter a new year with unrealistically high expectations and goals because you will be severely disappointed. Aka how I've been feeling since March, haha. But here we go! If you've been invited to something in an unfamiliar place, look up the address on Google and check the distance BEFORE you commit.