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Average Girl Makeup: Blue Halo Eye (plus new youtube video!)

I'm gonna be straight up honest, I feel like a total fraud here talking about makeup because I am not a makeup artist, lol. But like I said in my last post, makeup and playing dress up has been an outlet for me during these stressful days in quarantine! I filmed a video for my youtube channel and wore this look in the video and wanted to share a couple of pictures with you guys... since I obviously didn't get to go out and wear this look anywhere, lol. I mean, I went and checked the mail, but I don't think that counts. 😂The look is not perfect, but this was the first time I did a colorful halo eye! STAND OUT PRODUCTS Eyeshadow :  Juvia's Place Masquerade Palette ,  Juvia's Place The Saharan II I put the red/brown colors all over the lid, but focusing on the outer and inner corners. Then I put the blue in the middle of the lid, blending it into the red/brown tones. From looking at the photos, I think could have blended it more which is bothering me

Average Girl Fashion: Quarantine Edition

Happy Quarantine!! Just kidding, I hate this and I hope y'all are taking it better than I am because I am dying, lol. Not only am I not a homebody, but I am also quarantining by myself, so I'm literally alone 24/7. It's fun for a little while, but definitely not something I enjoy doing all the time!! And I got furloughed from my job due to the virus, so I'm EXTRA bored trying to kill time without spending my entire day in bed watching Friends. Something that I've learned during this time of quarantine is that makeup and dressing up truly bring me happiness. I mean, if you've been following me for a while, you know that I love makeup and fashion, but this is different! I've been feeling so down and sad during all this, so taking a couple of days during the week to do my makeup and dress up has really really helped me get out of my slump temporarily! So I thought I would share two of my looks. Not sure exactly why I'm sharing these because I don&#