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My Hair Routine (and other tips!)

I posted my  skincare routine  here on my blog a while ago and I thought it would be cool to share my current hair routine because I have gotten compliments and questions about my hair! The routine itself is nothing super special, but I have included some other tips that could help you out if you're struggling with keeping your hair healthy. I am not a certified hair stylist or anything, so if some tips don't work out for you, just remember that and also that everyone has different types of hair! Mine is very wavy, but more on the curly side. and of course my hair is straightened here. the irony. Coconut Hair Mask I don't do this every time I wash my hair because it's not necessary to do so, but I have started doing hair masks more routinely. Basically what I do is take coconut oil and put it all in my hair, starting from the roots and spreading and massaging it all the way through my ends. Then I put a shower cap (or a plastic bag lol) to cover my hair for abou