Easy 70s Halloween Costume

Easy 70s Halloween Costume header with group photo

We made a girls trip to New Orleans and wanted to dress up for Halloween while we were there! But we didn't want to do anything super crazy or expensive, so we decided to go as hippies/70s girls. Or how most people will call it.... #BASIC.

Where we got our stuff:
  • Tie-dye shirts - Me and my friend Brandee went to Hobby Lobby and bought t-shirts and Tulip brand Tie Dye. Literally everything we bought was on sale and cheap, so highly suggest going to Hobby Lobby if you decide to make t-shirts! They also have 40% coupons on their website which works on pretty much anything that doesn't already have a discount.
  • Glasses, Necklaces, Headbands - Ordered a set of four glasses, necklaces, and headbands from Amazon for $14.99

How we made the t-shirts:
I might make a separate blog post on this because there are different ways to get the perfect tie-dye look and I'm still curious to find out how to get perfection because ours weren't perfect (close to perfect, but not perfect, lol).
  1. First, we soaked our t-shirts in water. This will help the dye absorb into the t-shirt better. And I've been told that salt water helps the color not fade and stay vibrant. We didn't try it this time, but I want to try and see if it works next time!!
  2. We started dying our t-shirts. Wear gloves, old clothes, and make sure you have a clear work station that you don't mind getting messy. We went outside and dyed our shirts which I highly recommend! If you're unsure about designs, I would look them up online, or check out this link which has a ton of designs! --> https://www.tiedyeyoursummer.com/techniques
  3. Once we were done, we let them sit for about 30 minutes to let the color get absorbed.
  4. Then we put our shirts in a large bowl of vinegar, salt, and water and let it sit for about 30 minutes to an hour.
  5. Me and Brandee did things differently here, but we got similar results. She put hers immediately in the washing machine and dryer. I let mine sit overnight and put it in the washing machine the next day with a little vinegar and salt mixed in with my detergent. My shirt might have turned out more vibrant, but it wasn't a huge difference between mine and Brandee's color-wise. You guys can see the photos and make decide, lol.
This was my first time dying t-shirts since **4TH GRADE** and it was a huge improvement from then!! I would probably use less blue next time and leave some parts white like Brandee's shirt. But overall, we were super impressed by our results! We both were convinced they were gonna look like sh*t. I definitely enjoyed doing this and if I figure out the "perfect" tie-dye techniques, I will make a new post all about it!

Sarah posing in costume with a peace sign

No real difference between our shirts lol.



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