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I got a haircut

FYI this post is gonna be all over the place, so bear with me. I've kinda been wanting to cut my hair... and at the same time I also wanted to grow it out. But two days ago in class, I found myself playing with my split ends and not paying attention to the lecture. And usually if I catch myself doing that, it means it's time for a trim. I don't know about you guys, but when the idea of a haircut enters my mind, there's no going back and I have to cut it that day. It's kinda bad, haha. So later that night around 8:30 I went to get my haircut. I went to Great Clips* because it's cheap and usually stays open kinda late. I was kinda hesitant to go to the one by my house because my family has had bad experiences there with the employees, but I just had  to cut my hair right then because, ya know, my impulses. lol. While I was walking in, this employee who I'm gonna call "Mary Lou" gave me one of the dirtiest looks I have ever seen. I knew this was


I went to Walmart a couple of days ago with my mom. I like shopping with her because sometimes (okay most of the time) she'll buy me things, so I don't have to use my own money, haha. I went to the book section and they had a big selection of those adult coloring books which have become a big thing recently because they're supposedly therapeutic? Well, I found one that I liked so I asked my mom if she could get it for me. She said no. Not only because it seemed a little pricey for a coloring book, but she said something along the lines of, "You can create this yourself." I was kinda upset, but I wasn't dying for the book so I didn't bother buying it with my own money and just left it. Around bedtime, I got a little bored and thought about the coloring book remembering what my mom had said. So I grabbed an empty notebook and some color pencils and just started drawing and writing whatever ideas came to my mind. Apparently, a lot of things came into my

2016 Resolutions

Wasn't planning on sharing my new year resolutions on the internet until about 5 minutes ago when I randomly got super inspired. SUE ME. (Actually don't sue me because I don't have a lawyer and I'm not sure yet if the Lord has called me to become a lawyer yet so) If you didn't read my last post regarding my 2015 resolutions click  HERE ! and if you wanna see last year's resolutions, click  HERE . Anyways here we go... SARAH'S 2016 NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS 1. Don't feel obligated to do what society tells me to do (already getting deep and it's only the first one, oops) . 2. Blog more. I've already gotten into it a lot in the past couple of months, but I've been feeling called to do this, so I am trying to take this seriously. I really do enjoy sharing my thoughts with the internet this way :) 3. Be nice to people even people I don't like . 4. Don't surround myself with liars and people who are not good for me. 5. Exercise eve