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My Skincare Routine

   Sorry it's been so long since I blogged! I am currently in Michigan doing an internship for the summer so I've been busy. I honestly thought I would have more time to kill now because I would be working 9-5 and then just chilling instead of studying after but HA, total opposite. No time for anything except for working out and taking a shower! But anyways... while I was packing for this trip, I noticed I packed a lot of makeup/skincare products. I always used to think,  how do these girls spend so much time and use so many products on their face when all you need to do is shower? But while I was packing I realized that I am one of those girls. Oops. So I thought I would go through how I take care of my skin in the morning and at night because apparently I have a routine?? Yikes, it almost sounds like I have my life together! (I don't.)  I have always had relatively clear skin, but in high school my skin would break out more  sporadically.  It was only in co