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10 Reasons Why College Makes Me Mad

   NOTE: I do like college. I like it better than high school. I like the environment and freedom. but there are a lot of things that make me extremely mad about it so I'm going to rant about it. Most of the reasons are related to money, but you know what they say, money is the source of all problems and root of all evil. (1 Timothy 6:10) 1. It's too expensive.   So basically in order for me to make a living for myself and become more educated in certain subjects that interest me, I have to pay literally THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to do it. Makes sense. 2. Some professors do not care.  In my 3 years of college classes so far, some of these professors DO NOT care whatsoever about your education. Their main priorities are research, or whatever else they do. Teaching is just a small part of job, and sometimes it's just their teaching assistant doing all the grading or even teaching the class. So if you have a problem in the class? Sorry, you're in trouble and better sta

My Trip To Jekyll Island

SUMMER BREAK HAS FINALLY ARRIVED!! My dad had a work trip to Jekyll Island a few days ago, so he invited me to come along after classes ended and it was amazing. I had a horrible week of finals and it has been a terrible semester, so I was super excited to get out of Auburn. And I had never gone to Jekyll Island or knew many people who had gone there before so I was excited to visit a place that wasn't super mainstream. Jekyll Island is a small island south of Savannah, Georgia. It's not as wellknown as Savannah and is kind of intimate. It's not like Destin or PCB. There weren't any crazy clubs or bars as far as I could tell and it's not really aimed at your typical crazy college crowd which I liked. The people I saw there were either over 40 or were families with young children. Soo yeah, not many people for me to be friends with, haha. There was a section of the island which I would like to call their "downtown" (but it wasn't really downtown

March and April Favorites 2016

   Note: All pictures used in this post are taken directly from Ipsy (if it was purchased there) or the product's website. Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip There's been a lot of hype for Colourpop lip products to I decided to try some out myself because I need some dark colors. I ordered them online which was a huge risk considering the fact I couldn't see how they looked in person, but they seem pretty legit. The purple is maybe a bit too dark, but the red seemed okay. I haven't had an occasion to wear it out yet, but they are definitely matte and long lasting and really good for the price! Matte Lip in the color "Guess" Matte Lip in the color "LAX" H&M Fine-Knit Poncho I wanted some more ponchos and cardigans because I feel like they dress up outfits without any effort. I found one I liked at H&M, so I bought it and it's super lightweight and cute! I cannot wait to wear it out.    H&M Platform Sandals I need more