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What I learned in 2021

My favorite post of the year! 2021 has been just a learning year for me. Still figuring myself and my life out. In year 2 of a pandemic (yes everything is reopened in the US, but the virus still exists). But as per usual, here is the list of things I've learned in 2021. Enjoy! If angel food cake is on sale, don't buy it. It's probably gross. Coffee is from the devil. Don't drink it. If you plan on taking melatonin before bedtime, take it 2-3 hours before going to sleep. Your body will thank you the next day. I will tell people that I will not do something, convince myself I won't do it, and still do the complete opposite. Don't buy a $10 curling iron. It will be garbage. So much can change in a month. Just because you got away with parking in one lot without getting a parking ticket, it doesn't mean you can park there again and NOT get a ticket the following time. Always carry around a coozie. and chapstick. and deodorant. You never know when you'll need