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Fashion Post 1

tbh I forgot that my blog says "fashion" in the description, so I thought it was time to show an outfit... SHORTS: body central* TANK: body central CARDIGAN: ellie clothing boutique NECKLACE: body central HAIR: literally washed it, let it air dry, and put it up with a hair clip from walmart PEACE SIGN: 6th grade I don't know what this outfit would be perfect for, but I wore it for a waka flocka concert, lol. I am no fashion expert , not studying fashion at school, or anything related whatsoever. this is just me having an fun interest in fashion and clothes. the money (or lack of money) in my wallet doesn't always match my taste in clothes but I  try  to make outfits work under a very low budget! and GUYS. I look like I rolled out of bed located in a trashcan about 90% of the time, so I don't know how often these posts will come. this picture was taken back in march and I'm posting this 6 months later if that gives you an idea of how oft

13 Signs That You Should Not Be With Someone

NOTE: this is written from a girl's perspective, but to the guys reading, this might be applicable to you! this is my opinion after witnessing and experiencing some things the past couple of years in high school and college. so if you offer a rebuttal, I'm all up for listening. 1. He has A LOT of friends that are girls. Yes, I wholeheartedly believe that you can be just friends with someone of the opposite sex. I have a lot of guy friends whom I am not involved with romantically and don't intend on being with. But just think about it. How do most relationships start? Friendship. Usually if you want to be in a relationship with someone, you start out as friends and see where that goes. So if your guy has a lot of friends that are girls, just trust me, at least of one of those girls he has at least thought about taking the friendship with to the next level (besides you). 2. He doesn't share the same beliefs as you.  It seems like a minor issue, but you're proba