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"Angry" Piano Cover

Okay this is kind of a rant, but this is the story as to why I posted a video of me playing this song! soo the Fourth of July is usually a fun occasion for everyone! Celebrating with friends and family, going to the lake or beach, vacationing, etc, etc. I've just stayed in Auburn with my family majority of the time and some years we've gone up north or to India! My family lives really close to where the fireworks are held which is kind of cool so we usually just walk there and I always ask friends if they want to join us. This year though, none of my friends could come except my roommate, Lauren, but that was fine! I got dressed somewhat festively (I say "somewhat" because I don't own a lot of patriotic clothing) , put on make-up and actually tried to look cute for the holiday. But by the time I reached my family's house, it started raining. and pouring. and it rained basically all night. I got super annoyed because this has happened multiple times here in th

Go Me

it is absolutely insane how the Lord can make you turn back to Him. once again, I've been slacking off with the important tasks and worrying about things and certain people that I really shouldn't be thinking about at the moment. then I literally felt unbelievably stressed and actually all of a sudden started thinking about how much work I actually have to do this week regarding my academics and jobs. and how I've done nothing to prepare for it. like I was literally fine till about 15 minutes before I started typing this. my point in sharing this is that oh my goodness, if you do not put the Lord #1 in your life, um, He might force you to. that sounds kind of harsh, but it really isn't. I took out my Bible and was lead to Psalm 33. But the LORD watches over those who fear him, those who rely on his unfailing love. I messed up, and once again God shows that if I rely on Him, He will watch over me. tomorrow will be rough and the rest of the week will be hell but I wil