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This is 25.

So I celebrated my 25th birthday this past weekend! And WOW I feel old. One of my best friends and I were joking around about how certain things we were doing were such "this is 25" things. We kinda started listing things as the day went on and I was like, "why am I not putting this in a new blog post?" So here I am, listing 25 things that have happened in my 25th year that have just made me feel... twenty five. 1. Purchasing a special car pillow to help with your back. 2. Waking up early on a Saturday morning to go to a work out class instead of sleeping in. 3. Actually keeping plants alive. Real plants. 4. Having to get your car fixed 3 times in a month by yourself. Without your dad. 5. Cooking real meals that aren't just eggs or frozen hot dogs. 6. Finding house-cleaning therapeutic and getting excited to clean. 7. Taking a trip to visit a new fancy grocery store and being super excited. 8. When you can't stop thinking about your ne