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sorry (not sorry) for being basic

2014 is almost over!!! aka the time of year people decide on all the changes they are going to make to themselves in the new year. then they will try to live those changes for like a month (okay maybe like a week) and then go back to their old ways. it's pretty funny yet annoying because no one really actually changes. and then the year will end and the cycle will begin again. well you know what? I'm gonna be those people. 2014 for me has been an unbelievably hard year for me. it has literally been the best year of my life.... and the worst year of my life. LOTS of good things happened this year, but a lot of bad things happened to balance it out (unfortunately). so I desperately need a fresh start. and what better way to start fresh? creating my list of new year resolutions. and post it on the internet for the world to see. :) because now I feel more obligated to actually do them because you guys, my readers, will actually know them! so if new year resolution lists are

holy crap.

Welllll I haven't blogged in a long time and I certainly haven't done this kind of post ever, but I had to share what's on my mind and heart currently. and I'm in no way a writer, so I'm not exactly sure what I'm writing and the point I'm trying to make, so bear with me. Do you ever have those days where you give all you have to others and they don't return the favor like, ever? You are always nice to certain people and do things for them, and they never treat you the same way? That's exactly how I felt today and it really angered me. I ranted about it to my roommate and best friend and even talked about it on Twitter! I was questioning and thinking, "Seriously God? Like this is what I get for being a nice person? Is this even right? I'm not playing this nice game any longer." But later in the evening I went for bible study after a really long time and the reading was Matthew 22:34-40: The Most Important Commandment 34  But whe

waterpark "fun"

soo I had a mini photoshoot with a friend at a shutdown waterpark here in auburn! there was a lot of beautiful scenery for pictures, but it was the most miserable experience for me ever... it was extremely hot and humid and there were mosquitoes literally EVERYWHERE. I'm pretty sure I got over 20 mosquito bites within the hour. it was awful and one of the many reasons why I hate summer. but on the bright side, we got a few decent pictures! here's a little sneak peek: xoxo, sarah

I miss the beach.

a throwback to spring break because I kinda miss the beach right now and these fun times! and it definitely wasn't as hot as it is right now back then (I hate the heat)! this was in gulf shores, alabama. my best friend rachael took these and she did a fab job! xoxo, sarah

Glad You Came by The Wanted - piano cover (arranged by @LilTranscriber)

the first cover I ever did. enjoy! xoxo, sarah

When I Look Into Your Holiness (piano cover)

another cover. enjoy! xoxo, sarah

The One That Got Away - Katy Perry (piano cover)

a cover I did last year of Katy Perry's The One That Got Away. enjoy! xoxo, sarah

As The Deer (Piano Cover)

I covered As The Deer recently on the piano. enjoy! xoxo, sarah

DIY Wall Art - Splatter

I've seen splatter art before, but I never knew how people did it. soo me and lauren decided to experiment and try this out ourselves. this is literally was the quickest, easiest, and most fun we had crafting! splatter paint art all you need: - canvas (super cheap at Hobby Lobby) - paint **NOTE** do this project outside and wear old clothes because you will make a mess. literally all do you is throw paint at a canvas using a paint brush. that's it. it's so easy and so fun! xoxo, sarah

DIY Wall Art - Auburn Art

me and lauren attend Auburn University (war eagle!!!) so we both just knew we had to make some auburn-themed art for the new apartment. we saw this on etsy & pinterest and decided to make it ourselves. auburn art all you need is: - canvas (super cheap at Hobby Lobby) - paint this project is pretty self-explanatory, but make sure you choose the right colored paint for the writing if you decide to put some on there. our's showed up kind of dark, so we might go over it later with a lighter color. xoxo, sarah

DIY Wall Art

newspaper wall art I don't really have a name for this project, but it wasn't super difficult as well! all you need is: - a canvas (we got ours super cheap at Hobby Lobby!) - paint - mod podge - newspapers - optional: glue (if you prefer sticking the newspaper with glue instead of mod podge) first you stick the newspaper onto the canvas using either glue or mod podge (we used mod podge). then wait for it to dry. then paint polka dots in the sizes and colors of your choice! after it completely dries, paint a layer of mod podge on the entire canvas to make sure that the newspaper doesn't start peeling off or anything. wait for it all to dry and you're done! xoxo, sarah

DIY Wall Art - Canvas Flower

me and my friend Lauren FINALLY signed a lease for our new apartment for this upcoming fall!! and you know what that means... DIY time! these past two days, we created some art for our walls. Our apartment is literally all white, so we've decided to go with a bright colored, neon theme since we both love bright colors. DIY Canvas Flower this was really easy to do! all you need is: - a canvas (we got ours super cheap at Hobby Lobby) - several sheets cardstock/scrapbook paper (depending on how many colors you want) - paint - mod podge paint the canvas whatever color you want. wait for it to dry, then paint a center circle for your flower. we painted ours gold since it contrasted well with the teal. cut out petal shapes from the cardstock, then stick them on the canvas using the mod podge. after all the petals are on the canvas, paint a layer of mod podge all over the canvas. this will make sure that the petals don't come off and it will give the whole proje