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Fashion Post 6

note: I know for a fact my parents aren't gonna like this outfit. hiiii, papa and mummy :) This is an outfit I wore for my friend's 21st birthday. I am not the biggest fan of crop tops, and I ordered this t-shirt thinking it was a normal t-shirt but it when it came in, it definitely wasn't, lol. I never really know how style crop tops and I'm self-conscious about my tummy, so I was wondering how do I wear this in a conservative but cute-ish way, especially since it was so big and loose?! I settled for this look. I'm actually glad it's loose because it is very comfortable and "freeing" if that makes any sense, haha. Top: Forever 21 Shorts: Actually cut up jeans from Aeropostale from 7th grade for some odd reason still fit me and I wear them all the time Shoes: H&M             Catch up on all my fashion posts right here! Fashion Post 1 Fashion Post 2 Fashion Post 3 Fashion Post 4 Fashion Post 5 xoxo, sarah

17 Life Hacks That You Will Ever Need

Here are legitimately the best life hacks you'll ever need in life. Follow these tips and you're set forever. 1. Go to sleep in whatever you're supposed to wear the next day. You can save time in the morning while getting ready or even sleep in a little extra. 2. If you don't have time to eat dinner (or are just too lazy) , just eat a bag of chips. Or whatever food is just lying around. It'll probably fill you up for the time being. 3. Don't wash your hair every day and use dry shampoo if it starts looking gross. It's good not to wash every day (forreal) and you'll save a lot of time and water in the shower. 4. Take power naps during the day so when you end up staying up super late for no good reason once again, it won't kick you in the ass as badly the next morning. 5. If you're too lazy to take down your Christmas trees, keep them up all year and just change up the ornaments for each holiday (Valentine's Day, Easter, etc) .