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sorry (not sorry) for being basic

2014 is almost over!!! aka the time of year people decide on all the changes they are going to make to themselves in the new year. then they will try to live those changes for like a month (okay maybe like a week) and then go back to their old ways. it's pretty funny yet annoying because no one really actually changes. and then the year will end and the cycle will begin again. well you know what? I'm gonna be those people. 2014 for me has been an unbelievably hard year for me. it has literally been the best year of my life.... and the worst year of my life. LOTS of good things happened this year, but a lot of bad things happened to balance it out (unfortunately). so I desperately need a fresh start. and what better way to start fresh? creating my list of new year resolutions. and post it on the internet for the world to see. :) because now I feel more obligated to actually do them because you guys, my readers, will actually know them! so if new year resolution lists are