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How To Survive Living in a Small Town

Are you a city person living in a small town and don't know how to enjoy yourself? Are you curious how people enjoy living in a small town? You have clicked on the right link! I have lived in a small town for pretty my entire life and I hope to move to a bigger city one day. But people have asked me how I survive and how do I have fun when there's not as much entertainment and sightseeing like in the big cities. My key to surviving and having a good time is making the most of what is already available. If I don't, I will be miserable and I don't like being miserable. I'm a pretty #basic kinda girl, but I love finding things to do that are unique and different from the norm. I try to break out of my comfort zone and find places that are special to that particular city. Here's a list of things you can do based on my experiences. FYI: it does require doing a little research because I obviously don't know where my audience lives, lol. Look at the tow

Where I Learned All About Makeup (My favorite youtubers)

If you know me personally, you know I watch a lot of YouTube. My taste has changed over the years, and today I watch mostly beauty/fashion videos. And literally EVERYTHING that I have learned about makeup has been from YouTube, so I thought I would share my favorite beauty channels here! These are literally my go-to channels. Whenever they upload, I will watch no matter what. I could share my favorite non-beauty guru channels as well if you guys are interested! Kathleen Lights - she is so funny and awkward and her tutorials are the best! She's my go-to if I want inspiration on a makeup look. So talented and so down-to-earth!! RawBeautyKristi - One thing that's hard to find on YouTube is authenticity. And trying to find beauty gurus who post reviews and videos that aren't filled with sponsorships and opinions that are slightly swayed so they don't get kicked off PR lists. Kristi is one of the few who keeps it real 100% and is also super funny. Ta

Expectations vs. Reality as a Young College Graduate

I had a lot of expectations in high school and college. I had my personal set of expectations which kinda lined up with the reality you'll see below, but from what I heard from everyone else and me used to being wrong all the time , I figured everyone would be right and I would be wrong. Oh how funny life is! If I'm confusing you, basically the expectations you're seeing below are what I was told by society and the reality is what actually happened. (Disclaimer: this is my  reality. If you had different experiences, that is so great and I'm genuinely happy for you and just disregard this post, haha) Expectation: You're gonna love college. Reality : College was actually one of the worst times of my life. 10/10 would not recommend. Expectation : Sarah, I promise your experience in college will be completely different from high school. Reality : College was the larger version of high school with less rules and a lot more expensive. Expectation : If you d