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Fashion Post 2

TOP: Sienna & Bellini SKIRT: H&M CLUTCH/PURSE: Behind the Glass HAIR: washed & air-dried Perfect for a dinner, a night out or... idk, lol. you decide. I'm just cracking up at these pictures because they're all candids except the first one. Check out my last fashion-related post  here . (Sorry for the horrid picture quality. I tried to fix it & I gave up.) xoxo, sarah OTHER SITES TO FOLLOW: Twitter: @sarahtabraham   VSCO: sarthellabra Youtube: glambitiousarah


so today I had an exam. I was extremely stressed out about it because I had a hard time trying to study and understand the material. I was walking to my exam and I have to cross a road a few times on my walk to the building. I looked both ways before crossing as usual (because ya know, I don't wanna die, lol)  and then walked across the street. a man was handing out New Testament bibles at the other end of the road and he offered me one and I said no thank you because I already have one (not lying!!) . then he went on to tell me that I looked scared and lacked faith while crossing the road because I thought cars were going to hit me. okay, I totally tried not to roll my eyes and got annoyed because, um excuse me, one, I don't know you. two, sorry for being cautious.  he kept talking to me and I finally kept walking to my class. but during that walk I started thinking about what he said because... he was right. I was stressing so much about the exam and nervous about failin

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

this is slightly delayed, but summer is finalllllly over! I honestly kinda hated this summer and it was way too hot for my liking, so I'm extremely glad it's over and the cooler weather is here. I did do a few fun things though and accomplished a lot from my summer bucket list, so here's photographic and video evidence of some of the things I did over the season.... updated my "wall of fame". it's never fully done, but it does look better than it did earlier this summer! I posted a youtube video of me playing the piano after a long time! more details about why I wanted to cover this, click  here . made this smores dip... SO GOOD. thanks Buzzfeed! made Chicken Mozzarella Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomatoes with my friends... deeelish. tried Steel City Pops for the first time... perfect for a hot summer day! had a much needed GNO with these sweet friends! watched a sunrise... something rare because I hate getting up in the morni