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January and February Favorites 2016

I noticed I had a lot of favorites these past two months, so I decided to share them! I don't know if this will be a monthly thing, but if there ends up being a lot of favorites in a month, I'll try to share them with you guys! Grace & Style: The Art of Pretending You Have It Grace Helbig is one of my favorite Youtubers and she released her second book on February 2nd. I got the book and I'm in the middle of reading it and it's so good!!! It's a style guide, but it's not your regular style guide with generic tips and tricks (NOT saying anything is wrong with those) . She incorporates her sarcasm and sense of humor and I am LOVING it so far. Take a break from social media and homework and read it if you have the chance! It is actually helping and teaching me more about style. If you want to see more of her, check out her Youtube channel  here . She is awesome!    Key Lime Chobani Greek Yogurt  I've heard of Chobani and didn't eat the

Becoming The Person I Never Wanted To Be

Back in high school, my plan was to go to a 4-year institution and graduate in four years. I thought community college was a dumb idea and people who wanted to go there were either not smart, not motivated enough, or were too lazy for a "normal" four-year institution. LOL.   *smacks High School Sarah across the face* I'm a junior at Auburn University and I am going back in my mind and can't believe I was that ignorant. Because now I wish I went to a smaller school for one or two years and then transferred to another college (I honestly don't know if it would have been AU, tbh) . One, it is WAY cheaper. Right now I'm paying over $10k a year to attend Auburn (to those paying out-of-state or going to a private school... bless you) . Two, community college would have most likely been a little easier to get through rather than going through the pain, agony, and stress that my school and major have put me through for almost 3 years. And three, my money woul

Fashion Post 4

I know winter is slowly coming to an end, but with this weather... I don't even know anymore. It is technically still winter, but the temperature changes from hot to cold too often (at least where I live) and it was 70 degrees on Christmas Day this year!! But anyways, back to this outfit. My outfit revolves around comfort. I have noticed in the past two years that I choose comfort over everything 90% of the time and that I hate wearing jeans. Recently I have been trying to dress up my outfits while staying in my leggings  (smh at me, I know) , which is what I tried to do here. I was trying to keep this outfit super simple, but you can dress it up by wearing a scarf or a statement necklace. I'm obsessed with the cardigan! It is so cute and very warm. [FYI I am not a model and I hate these pictures, but I really wanted to share the outfit so please just focus on the outfit, lol] Top: Rue 21 Cardigan: Forever 21 Leggings: Forever 21 Shoe

I seriously need to stop worrying

Read my last post if you wanna know exactly what's going on in my head:  Am I the only one going through this? I've been worrying so much lately. Everyone in my life seems to have their life together. They are doing well in school, they know what they want to do after graduation, they know what they want to do when they "grow up", and all their relationships seem to be perfect and working out. (btw I do know that no one's life is perfect and everyone has their own set of issues different from mine) Then there's me. And my life seems to be going the opposite way. I had a family member visit recently and he asked about my education/future and I tried to make it sound like I had a good idea with what's going on with my life, but in my head, it was like this:  "I don't know and I don't have a freaking clue and I wish we could stop talking about this."  And he went on to tell me I had to do all these things in order to succeed, none of whi

Am I the only one going through this?

Are you stressed out? Stuck figuring out your life? Struggling in school? Don't know what you're doing? Are you in school basically because that is what society tells you to do and is the only option to make a living? Far away from people you love? Scared you're going to be stuck working a boring 9-5 job after school is done? Feeling unimportant? Feeling like no one understands you? Shut out from other people? Bored with your current life? Feeling like you're cursed? Feeling like life around you wouldn't change if you disappeared? Faking happiness sometimes? Just overall sad? Content with life, but something feels off? Questioning why some things happen? Wondering why people don't like you? Feeling good, but not good enough? Not comfortable talking about what's going on with anyone because no one will understand? And then regretting telling someone what's going on in your life beca

40 Things to Give Up (Or Change) for Lent

I can't believe it, but Lent is almost here... it feels like Christmas was just yesterday! If you observe Lent and struggle with trying to figure out what to give up or change in your life, here are some ideas. I'm struggling this year too, lol. 1. Give up junk food. 2. Give up eating out/fast food. 3. If you drink a lot, give up alcohol. 4. Read the Bible every day at bedtime or in the morning for 5-10 minutes. 5. Give up shopping. 6. Respond to text messages quickly instead of taking hours (or days) . 7. Get involved in your local ministries (youth, college, adult, etc) . 8. Give up TV and/or Netflix. 9. Exercise instead of watching Netflix and TV. 10. Give up video games. 11. Volunteer and help those in need. 12. Go to church more than once a week. 13. Listen to Christian music instead of secular music. 14. Cut out swearing/profanity from everyday language. 15. Give up meat. 16. Wash dishes immediately after use instead of letting them pile up. 17. Give up