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New York City Guide: Taylor Swift Edition (With the walking path attached!)

So my fiancé and I went to NYC during the weekend of the 1989 (Taylor's Version) release, so I thought it was only appropriate to plan a Taylor Swift-themed tour especially since 1989 has been referred to as the New York City album. Am I crazy? Yes. But was it fun? YES!!! I thought I could share our tour with you guys, if any Swifties ever want to do the same. And if you're going with a significant other who doesn't like Taylor Swift related activities, just lie and say you're going to some cool new spots to check out. I may or may not have done that. He may or may not have found out during the tour but it was too late to back out. Hehe 🙈 This is a walking guide and I made sure all the places were easy to navigate. I have two brain cells when it comes to directions, so if I can do it, you guys can do it too! 55 Franklin Street, New York, NY 10013 Significance: TS lived in the top floor condo. We started our tour in Tribeca. Super empty street, which makes sense why she