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I Gave Up Junk Food for 30 Days

Hi neglected blog!! I've been so bad about posting and I'm sorry. I have ideas in my head and have been TERRIBLE at actually getting on my computer and writing. If you guys have suggestions on motivation and not being a lazy bum, let me know because I'm struggling. It's actually affecting me mentally because I have always been a more creative person and also love this blog and I hate that my life has just been me working and being tired and lazy to do anything else. But anyways! I decided to change up my diet for a month. I wasn't following any actual diet, but basically tried to cut out junk food and processed food, and only eat fruits, vegetables, yogurt, eggs, and any type of protein. Obviously cutting out processed food is impossible since basically everything is processed, lol. As a huge snacker, it was extremely difficult and I definitely did not follow my rules all 30 days. But I felt good about doing this and I thought I would share what I ate. Final thought