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holy crap.

Welllll I haven't blogged in a long time and I certainly haven't done this kind of post ever, but I had to share what's on my mind and heart currently. and I'm in no way a writer, so I'm not exactly sure what I'm writing and the point I'm trying to make, so bear with me. Do you ever have those days where you give all you have to others and they don't return the favor like, ever? You are always nice to certain people and do things for them, and they never treat you the same way? That's exactly how I felt today and it really angered me. I ranted about it to my roommate and best friend and even talked about it on Twitter! I was questioning and thinking, "Seriously God? Like this is what I get for being a nice person? Is this even right? I'm not playing this nice game any longer." But later in the evening I went for bible study after a really long time and the reading was Matthew 22:34-40: The Most Important Commandment 34  But whe