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Olly Undeniable Beauty HSN Vitamin Review (with before and after photos!)

I have always had pretty clear skin. If I ever had breakouts, which was more frequent in college, I was able to eventually pinpoint what exactly caused it, and it would usually be linked to stress or a certain food. And it was usually like 2-3 breakouts, so nothing like super crazy. The breakout would happen, I would freak out for a second (probably post a snapchat about it 🙊), and then my skin would go back to normal. But in the past 5ish months, my skin has changed. The breakouts have been more regular and my skin isn't as smooth as it used to be. I have been trying to figure out why because there hasn't been any significant change in the products I use or the food I eat. Like I was going to post an updated skin care routine and then my skin went crazy and I scrapped the idea (for now) . But I was open to using some kind of supplement that would help improve my skin and hair.  Well, mostly my skin, but I wasn't opposed to hair growth. The vitamins I originally want