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What is actually God's plan?

I have been meaning to talk about this topic on here all year and clearly I haven't done that based on the last time I posted, lol. So I have been told pretty much my entire life that "everything that happens is according to God's plan" or "we have to follow God's plan" or something along those lines. Which is great, I guess. I mean I know God has a plan for everyone. But there is this other side that I've also been thinking about. How much work does someone have to do in order for God's plan to come to action? Like how do you know what is God's plan? Because I've heard different things, and I've seen different things.  I'm going to give a couple of examples just so you guys can have a better understanding of what I'm talking about because I know I can't explain it properly, lol. NOTE: Assume in each example that the people involved are religious and believe in "God's plan" and have been praying about their s