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Be confident in your struggles

I felt the need to share this because who knows, maybe you guys are going through something similar. I really don't know if I can express what's in my head in words, so if it doesn't make sense, this might go down as one of the dumbest posts in history, and I'm apologizing in advance, lol. Also apologizing if I sound conceited because that's not my intention whatsoever!! And feel free to disagree because there's a good chance I might be in the minority in this way of thinking. Someone was asking me for some advice regarding job applications and interviewing and I was telling this person what and what not to do. They proceeded to tell me, "Sarah, you are so confident when you talk and I'm glad to hear all this." I was thinking, what the helllll, how on earth am I giving off this vibe because NO I'M NOT.  I was absolutely shocked because I feel like I'm just floating around not having a clue of what I'm doing whether it's at wo