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Winter Favorites 2018

I haven't done a favorites post in a while! Here are my favorites from the last few months. Black Jacket // Sienna & Bellini This jacket has a built-in heater or something. I've worn this jacket when the temperature has reached freezing and it has kept me so warm!! Velvet Dress // Forever 21 This was one of my impulsive purchases. But it is actually cute, comfy, and warm! I wore it while traveling during Christmas break. Black Sweater // Belk Black is my favorite color and I noticed that my closet was lacking a black sweater! I am obsessed with this one. Navy Blue Converse I got these navy-blue converse and they're slightly different from normal ones since they have gold and black on them, which makes me love them. They are so cute and go with everything! Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay // Amazon I've been eying this mask for MONTHS and my mom went and got it for me for Christmas!!! And my goodness, it literally makes your pores disap

Why I rarely wash my hair

Last year, I posted my hair routine  and that routine hasn't changed much... except for the shampoo. Which has changed my life. This is what happened. The brand Maple Holistics reached out to me back in October asking me to test out their shampoo and review it. I said yes and decided to try it out. I was iffy at first because it's all natural and organic so I thought it was not going to be soapy, not going to cleanse my hair, and I was going to have to wash my hair like every day which is my worse nightmare. But NOPE, it's the exact opposite.... I love this shampoo! This shampoo is the reason why I feel like my hair has gotten more soft. I even dyed the ends of my hair a couple of months ago and this shampoo has kept the ends soft despite the damage I did, lol. But I am going to list the pros and cons here. Cons The smell is not bad, but I think some people might not like it. It has a very natural, earthy smell, so if you don't like that scent, you probably won

A Snowy Week in Savannah, Georgia

HAPPY 2018!!!!!! One of my best friends is getting married in March (!!!) so we celebrated her bachelorette in Savannah, Georgia this week (January 2-5, 2018) . Savannah is the perfect mix of historic and modern, city life and small town, touristy and homey, busy and relaxing... if that makes any sense? You get the best of both worlds. And the beach isn't far from Savannah for all the beach lovers! What is funny about the whole trip was we planned and booked our AirBnB back in July thinking the weather was going to be in the 50-60s when we came here in January because that's how it usually is (Welcome to the South) . We show up here and the high is in the 20s and the city was getting some serious snow for the first time in almost 30 YEARS. They had gotten some snow about 10 years ago, but nothing like this apparently! We talked to some of the locals and this was pretty much a first for a lot of them. It sounds scary, but we had so much fun and made the most of the trip.