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July and August Favorites 2016

GUYS. I didn't post at all this month. I'm so sorry!!! For two reasons: One, I did not have as much time as I anticipated to write. I was in Michigan all summer and now I'm back in Auburn and classes are in full swing (pray for me) . And two, I actually have a lot of posts written up in my drafts but I don't feel like they are 100% perfect yet and I don't want to post trash on here. I want it to be just my best and not content that I'm posting because I feel obligated to. BUT ANYWAYS. It's that time again... July and August favorites! I feel like time just keeps going faster and faster. Didn't I just post my last favorites?! Here are some of my favorites for the past two months. And I'm emphasizing on the SOME because there are so many, but this post would be way too long. I got a lot of stuff over the summer, so if you guys would rather me do a youtube video haul of everything I wouldn't actually mind doing that! Black Booties I got these b