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Cut your bangs.

"Oh lord, what is sarah going to talk about today..." Honestly, that's how I feel about my posts when I go through old posts and have forgotten what I talked about, lol. I didn't address it in my last post, but YES, I cut my own bangs! For many years, I have wanted to get bangs. Not because I necessarily thought they were cute, but I really just wanted to see what they looked like on me, lol. I had a feeling they were going to look bad with my facial features, but I thought they were kinda safe when it came to changing your hair drastically compared to shaving your whole head or dyeing it. Like you can hide them with a headband if they look bad, and plus your hair grows! At least fast enough to where you can hide them behind your ear at some point, lol. And while we're in the middle of quarantine and every event has been canceled, I thought, why not? But I had a lot of fear and anxiety going into this. Because literally EVERYONE said not to do it. Not a

How to Bleach-Dye Your Clothes

So tie-dye is officially back. Or people are really really bored in quarantine. Or both! I tried out bleach dyeing recently and it was super easy and fun! Easier than regular tie-dye. I am SHOCKED people are spending $50+ on buying it when you can make it yourself. I have some suggestions to make yours better than mine, which I will share at the end. And if you want to see how I did regular tie-dye, click here . What you need: What you want to bleach: old t-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, sweatpants, etc. Walmart had cheap sweatshirts for $3, so that's where I got mine! Make sure it's more than 50% cotton material because it won't bleach well otherwise (stay tuned). Bleach and water solution (50% bleach, 50% water) Rubberbands Gloves (to protect your hands from the bleach) An open workstation. For example: the outdoors. Don't do this in your bathroom unless you want to die of inhaling chemicals. Step 1: Tie your clothes with the rubber bands to ho