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I've been slackin', I've been slackin' (Beyoncé voice)

I've been slacking with a lot of things: socializing, blogging, eating healthy, but most importantly, reading my Bible. Yesterday it kind of dawned on my how much I've been slacking off. The only time I truly actually read it is the Verse of the Day on my Bible app and that's only because I have a widget for it on my screen so it's the first thing I see when I unlock my phone. Which is like The Ultimate Laziest Way of reading the Bible ever, haha. And if it's relevant to whatever is going on in my life, I'll go read the chapter. But still, terrrrrrible, sarah. terrible. Last night, I realized that I seriously have got to get serious about reading it. I notice a change in my day when I do read it. School and life is kinda crap right now, so this morning after I woke up, I opened my Bible to a random chapter. The random chapter that I opened to was Lamentations 3. I started reading it, and wow it was so depressing. Like legit depression. Like if the person was t