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8 Ways To Cope With Sadness

DISCLAIMER : I am not a licensed therapist, nor do I have any expertise in the field. I am  not  diagnosed with anxiety or depression. I am simply talking from the experience of someone who just gets sad a lot and needs distractions to improve my mood. If you feel like whatever you are going through is more serious, seek professional help (i.e. a licensed counselor/therapist).  I've been feeling down lately and one thing that I've learned to make myself feel better is to just get my mind off the sadness. So if you're feeling down, here are some ways to cope with it, even if it's just temporary! 😊 1. Think of all the worse situations you could be in instead. Sometimes I get depressed for really dumb reasons (in my opinion) so I always remind myself that my life could be a whole lot worse. I could be sick and dying, homeless, etc. 2. Watch something that makes you happy. I recently watched all six seasons of Friends and nothing on television has made m