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What I learned in 2021

My favorite post of the year! 2021 has been just a learning year for me. Still figuring myself and my life out. In year 2 of a pandemic (yes everything is reopened in the US, but the virus still exists). But as per usual, here is the list of things I've learned in 2021. Enjoy! If angel food cake is on sale, don't buy it. It's probably gross. Coffee is from the devil. Don't drink it. If you plan on taking melatonin before bedtime, take it 2-3 hours before going to sleep. Your body will thank you the next day. I will tell people that I will not do something, convince myself I won't do it, and still do the complete opposite. Don't buy a $10 curling iron. It will be garbage. So much can change in a month. Just because you got away with parking in one lot without getting a parking ticket, it doesn't mean you can park there again and NOT get a ticket the following time. Always carry around a coozie. and chapstick. and deodorant. You never know when you'll need

What is actually God's plan?

I have been meaning to talk about this topic on here all year and clearly I haven't done that based on the last time I posted, lol. So I have been told pretty much my entire life that "everything that happens is according to God's plan" or "we have to follow God's plan" or something along those lines. Which is great, I guess. I mean I know God has a plan for everyone. But there is this other side that I've also been thinking about. How much work does someone have to do in order for God's plan to come to action? Like how do you know what is God's plan? Because I've heard different things, and I've seen different things.  I'm going to give a couple of examples just so you guys can have a better understanding of what I'm talking about because I know I can't explain it properly, lol. NOTE: Assume in each example that the people involved are religious and believe in "God's plan" and have been praying about their s

Some of my favorite things

My favorites posts aren't as common as they used to be, but I still like... things?? What I've learned over the last year is that I need some time to figure out if I truly like something. I used to make favorites posts every couple of months and I realized some of the items that I included in previous favorites post weren't really things I loved or I just liked in the moment. So I think doing these posts less often (more like once a year lol), has given me a chance to actually tell you guys what I truly liked and what I recommend. Or maybe it's just an excuse and I'm really just lazy, lol. But ANYWAYS....... here are some random things I've been loving in the last year!! Converse || Chuck Taylor All Star White High Tops I've always wanted a pair of classic white converse, so I finally decided to buy a pair! I think they are a good "basic" investment purchase because they go with a ton of outfits and will get a lot of wear. Aside from the fact that