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I Don't Know Fashion (IDKF): A Grungey Edgy Casual Look + new youtube video!

I've been slacking on my blog lately and it's been OVER A YEAR since I did a fashion-related post! But since it's been a while, I went all out.... I'm giving you guys a fashion post AND a youtube video!!  This isn't the most interesting outfit in the world, but as you can tell I went for a VERY casual but grungey/edgy look? Or at least that's what I tried to go for lol. Top : Forever 21 Shorts : Cut offs which I made Shoes : Lulus Purse : H&M Hair : Washed/air-dried and put in a half bun I made a speedy YouTube video of how I do my makeup on more "glam" occasions! This is NOT a tutorial. This is literally just how I do my makeup if I'm going out with friends or a special occasion that requires me to not look like a potato. I change up the eye makeup depending on the outfit, so this particular night I decided to go with a black smokey eye with my outfit. Of course the one time I decide to film, I don't like how my makeup tur