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Average Girl Fashion: My Fun Work Style (including a tiny life update)

I've been kinda MIA because... I moved! I got a job in the Atlanta area, so I've been busy with my new job and getting adjusted with my new life. And I like it so far! I kinda wanna talk and give a recap of the last year of my life because a lot happened. If I have time, lol. Y'all, I did not realize how much time I had spent on my blog and social media till I moved and have had no time to plan out posts, outfits, videos, or anything! SOCIAL MEDIA IS WORK. Don't let people tell you otherwise!! But I'm still working on balancing everything because I love my blog and I love blogging.  But speaking of work.... business dress code stresses me out. I am not a "business" kinda girl. Dressing up for interviews was my worst nightmare because I felt a whole different person wearing a stiff suit and heels. Thankfully "business casual" has a little more lenience to it. I love fun clothes, so I've been trying to bring my style into the work place,

Lifestyle Favorites 2019

This was supposed to be posted months ago, but I never got around to finishing it, so I decided to make it my favorites of 2019!! Some of these things I have talked about in the past, but I still use them and felt the need to share! If you want to see my makeup favorites, click here . This is a mix of clothes, skincare, and other random things. If I can find direct links to the item, I will link it! If not, I will link the store I purchased the product from. Oversized Denim Jacket || Forever 21 When it comes to fashion, I love versatility. I like items that match and go with everything. A denim jacket is one of those items. And I loved the oversized fit because it fits well over form fitting tops and dresses, as well as t-shirts and graphic tees. It can dress up an outfit, or dress down an outfit! I LOVE this one from Forever 21. Link to store: Sherpa || Outlet Mall in Calhoun, Georgia I honestly forgot which exact store I purcha

What I Learned in 2019

If I'm being completely honest, 2019 has been probably the most challenging and one of the worst years of my life. I thought it couldn't get worse than 2016, but LOL, 2019 wanted to challenge that. Some of you might be like, "uh sarah, you posted a lot on social media and clearly did a lot of fun things, it sure didn't look like this was a bad year for you." I'm one of those people who can't sit at home and be miserable or I will be miserable, so I tried to enjoy and do fun things as much as I could. I just wouldn't wish what I went through mentally and emotionally on any of you. Or maybe I would... on just the people who wronged me or my family this year (sorry God). If you are new to my blog, for the past couple of years, I have started a list of things I learned throughout the year and added them here to share at the end of the year. It's kinda funny because you can kinda get the vibe of the year went based on the list. So this is a list o