I'm offering photo sessions! I can take senior pictures, graduation pictures, engagements, family pictures, or anything else except weddings. 

A photo session is $50* which includes:
  • - 35 edited photos
  • - Up to an hour of taking pictures at set location
  • **OPTIONAL** This is more of an editing challenge for myself. I don't really have a set style or "theme" with my photoshoots like most photographers, as seen below. I edit my photos based on the location, lighting, and the vibe I'm feeling! If there is a type of editing style or look you want with your photos, we can talk about it and see if I can do it. For example, if you want black & white photos, I can make the photos black and white. If you want your photos to look more film-like, want vibrant colors, neutral colors, or minimal editing "natural" photos, etc., I can also try to make that happen. Basically, if you see a theme or something you like on Pinterest, Instagram, or just somewhere on the internet, show me, and let's see if I can do it! Message me if you need more details.

*Friend sessions (group of friends) are $50 a person. Each person will receive 35 photos each.

Contact: (or any of my other social media)

Here are some pictures I have taken and edited in the past (Any photo with me in it is with a timer).


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