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Wrapping Up 2015

If you've been reading my blog for a while (lol which is like a year of regular-ish blogging), you might know that I posted my New Years Resolutions for 2015 exactly a year ago today. If you wanna read the whole post, click  here . But instead of putting my resolutions for 2016, I thought I'd just share what I did and did not accomplish on the list... aka basically showing what I have to do next year. lol. What's typed in red is what happened with each resolution this year. be nicer to people , especially to those I don't like   <-- This was hard. But this is something I legitimately worked on. Still a work in progress . but  don't waste time on people who aren't worth it <-- Definitely did this. And I highly suggest doing this. It will make your life so much better. Kind of like cleaning out a big mess. eat healthier foods  and cut down on those sour patch kids and Momma G's nachos   <-- I did this!!! Not saying that I'm the healthiest eate

Fashion Post 3: Winter Fashion

Scarf: Ellie Shoe Boutique Cardigan: Thrift Store Grey Shirt: H&M Leggings: Walmart* Boots: Belk Purse: Behind The Glass Lemonade: Toomer's Drugs Hair: Tied in a ponytail Last two fashion posts: Fashion Post 1 Fashion Post 2 *Just a little rant about Walmart. I don't understand the hate for it. Yes, there are a lot of ratchet people there and the employees are sometimes rude. But seriously. If that's the only reason you hate it, that's honestly not reason enough because one, there's rude employees everywhere and two, everything there IS SO CHEAP so you're really getting what you paid for, customer service and all. If it was an expensive store, I'd understand the hate a little bit more. I see people complaining about how they are broke and watching how much they spend, but they REFUSE to shop at Walmart and choose the more expensive alternatives. Like please, just stop. I don't usually shop for clothes at Walmart, but I h

A Dummy's Review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens (**SPOILERS**)

from Thanks to my little brothers, I got into Star Wars a few years ago so I went to see Episode VII and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! I'm no movie critic in any form or fashion and I'm one to miss all the technical details in movies but I thought I'd share what I liked and disliked in the movie! But there are  SPOILERS , so if you haven't watched the movie and don't want to know what happened, don't read this. Please. LIKES -  The original cast.  I liked how the original cast from Episodes IV-VI were in the movie! It definitely would not have been the same without Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill. [ Even though Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) only made a quick appearance at the end.] But I loved every one of their characters in the original trilogy and it was great to see them in this movie! from -  A main cast with not so wellknown actors.  I honestly hadn't heard of any of the actors until the movie came

Motivation to Stop Procrastinating

Do you have finals c oming up? Feeling lazy ? Not motivated ? Just don't care anymore? Are you reading this right now as a result of procrastination ? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you're in the right place!! Here are some motivational quotes and verses to get you back to your books and to what you're supposed to be doing. "Lazy people irritate their employers, like vinegar to the teeth or smoke in the eyes." Proverbs 10:26 stolen from google as well & there's no watermark "Work hard and become a leader; be lazy and become a slave." Proverbs 12:24 doesn't have a watermark either, and stolen from google "Lazy people want much by get little, but those who work hard will prosper." Proverbs 13:4 "Those unwilling to work will not get to eat." Thessalonians 3:10  &q

Stop & Admire the Beauty Around You!

When I'm stressed out or avoiding all my problems, God sometimes does this cool thing where either He opens my eyes to the beauty that surrounds me or decides to make everything pretty. or both, lol. My walk from class was extra boooootiful and calming today, so I took some pictures! (shoes from Charlotte Russe) So gorgeous, am I right?? If you're in stress mode like me, go outside, take a walk, and just take in all the prettiness! Now is a great time because the temperature is perfect (at least in the southern United States, lol) . It is very calming and relaxing! Now I'm gonna get back to studying. Or at least try. Ha. Only a few short weeks of classes left!! xoxo, sarah SITES TO FOLLOW: Twitter: @sarahtabraham   VSCO: sarthellabra Youtube: glambitiousarah

I don't believe in sending "positive vibes" "thoughts" and "love"

I don't think I've ever ranted on my blog before, which is kind of shocking because if you know me personally, I tend to rant. a lot. and now I'm gonna rant about something that could be controversial, but it has been bothering me for years and I have to get it off my chest. You know when someone is going through a tough time? and usually people respond with either: a. I'll pray for you b. I'll keep you in my thoughts c. I'm sending positive vibes your way d. I'll be sending love to you I do not understand b, c, and d. okay, I understand it, but it ABSOLUTELY FRUSTRATES ME. people are going to say I'm overthinking this and I know these people have good intentions, but what are thoughts, positive vibes, and love going to do for someone? it's not gonna help the situation get better. for example, someone is dying of cancer (really sad example because this happens all the time but it's to help clarify my point) . no offense to the people w


pain and sadness is something I've been struggling with the past couple of years. not physical pain (I mean it's sometimes there but that's not my point and totally irrelevant haha) , but the mental, emotional kind of pain. it's something people don't like talking about (especially me) and something we often look at as a bad thing. I always ask God, "why me? why do all the bad things happen to me? what did I do to deserve this? am I cursed?" people often look at pain and sadness as something to be ashamed of because we think people will treat us differently and because it feels like we're the only ones going through it. but we're not. and it's not a bad thing. everyone has something going on that is hurting them at some point; young or old, rich or poor. no one's life is perfect! what is mind boggling to me is how pain has such a negative connotation to it. yes, it feels bad at that moment, but there is a reason for that pain.

Fashion Post 2

TOP: Sienna & Bellini SKIRT: H&M CLUTCH/PURSE: Behind the Glass HAIR: washed & air-dried Perfect for a dinner, a night out or... idk, lol. you decide. I'm just cracking up at these pictures because they're all candids except the first one. Check out my last fashion-related post  here . (Sorry for the horrid picture quality. I tried to fix it & I gave up.) xoxo, sarah OTHER SITES TO FOLLOW: Twitter: @sarahtabraham   VSCO: sarthellabra Youtube: glambitiousarah


so today I had an exam. I was extremely stressed out about it because I had a hard time trying to study and understand the material. I was walking to my exam and I have to cross a road a few times on my walk to the building. I looked both ways before crossing as usual (because ya know, I don't wanna die, lol)  and then walked across the street. a man was handing out New Testament bibles at the other end of the road and he offered me one and I said no thank you because I already have one (not lying!!) . then he went on to tell me that I looked scared and lacked faith while crossing the road because I thought cars were going to hit me. okay, I totally tried not to roll my eyes and got annoyed because, um excuse me, one, I don't know you. two, sorry for being cautious.  he kept talking to me and I finally kept walking to my class. but during that walk I started thinking about what he said because... he was right. I was stressing so much about the exam and nervous about failin

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

this is slightly delayed, but summer is finalllllly over! I honestly kinda hated this summer and it was way too hot for my liking, so I'm extremely glad it's over and the cooler weather is here. I did do a few fun things though and accomplished a lot from my summer bucket list, so here's photographic and video evidence of some of the things I did over the season.... updated my "wall of fame". it's never fully done, but it does look better than it did earlier this summer! I posted a youtube video of me playing the piano after a long time! more details about why I wanted to cover this, click  here . made this smores dip... SO GOOD. thanks Buzzfeed! made Chicken Mozzarella Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomatoes with my friends... deeelish. tried Steel City Pops for the first time... perfect for a hot summer day! had a much needed GNO with these sweet friends! watched a sunrise... something rare because I hate getting up in the morni

Fashion Post 1

tbh I forgot that my blog says "fashion" in the description, so I thought it was time to show an outfit... SHORTS: body central* TANK: body central CARDIGAN: ellie clothing boutique NECKLACE: body central HAIR: literally washed it, let it air dry, and put it up with a hair clip from walmart PEACE SIGN: 6th grade I don't know what this outfit would be perfect for, but I wore it for a waka flocka concert, lol. I am no fashion expert , not studying fashion at school, or anything related whatsoever. this is just me having an fun interest in fashion and clothes. the money (or lack of money) in my wallet doesn't always match my taste in clothes but I  try  to make outfits work under a very low budget! and GUYS. I look like I rolled out of bed located in a trashcan about 90% of the time, so I don't know how often these posts will come. this picture was taken back in march and I'm posting this 6 months later if that gives you an idea of how oft

13 Signs That You Should Not Be With Someone

NOTE: this is written from a girl's perspective, but to the guys reading, this might be applicable to you! this is my opinion after witnessing and experiencing some things the past couple of years in high school and college. so if you offer a rebuttal, I'm all up for listening. 1. He has A LOT of friends that are girls. Yes, I wholeheartedly believe that you can be just friends with someone of the opposite sex. I have a lot of guy friends whom I am not involved with romantically and don't intend on being with. But just think about it. How do most relationships start? Friendship. Usually if you want to be in a relationship with someone, you start out as friends and see where that goes. So if your guy has a lot of friends that are girls, just trust me, at least of one of those girls he has at least thought about taking the friendship with to the next level (besides you). 2. He doesn't share the same beliefs as you.  It seems like a minor issue, but you're proba