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Best Affordable Makeup (under $15!!!)

A perk of being poor is searching for the best cheap makeup. And that's what I have done. Everything here is under $15 and stuff that I reach for frequently. PSA: I've also talked about some of these products numerous times, so I'm sorry about that, but you will at least understand and hopefully believe me when I say I LOVE these products!! And some of them have flaws, but I think it's 100% worth it for the price and I will go into detail about that as well! Prices vary from store to store. From my shopping experiences, Walmart has always been the cheapest, so most of the prices I've listed are Walmart prices (unless it can't be found there). If you decide to purchase from Ulta, CVS, or any other store, it might be slightly more pricey, so just keep that in mind! But everything can be found for under $15!! Photo Focus Foundation || Wet n Wild || $4.68 I don't use foundation often, but when I do, it's this foundation. It has buildable coverage