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New York City Guide: Taylor Swift Edition (With the walking path attached!)

So my fiancé and I went to NYC during the weekend of the 1989 (Taylor's Version) release, so I thought it was only appropriate to plan a Taylor Swift-themed tour especially since 1989 has been referred to as the New York City album. Am I crazy? Yes. But was it fun? YES!!! I thought I could share our tour with you guys, if any Swifties ever want to do the same. And if you're going with a significant other who doesn't like Taylor Swift related activities, just lie and say you're going to some cool new spots to check out. I may or may not have done that. He may or may not have found out during the tour but it was too late to back out. Hehe 🙈 This is a walking guide and I made sure all the places were easy to navigate. I have two brain cells when it comes to directions, so if I can do it, you guys can do it too! 55 Franklin Street, New York, NY 10013 Significance: TS lived in the top floor condo. We started our tour in Tribeca. Super empty street, which makes sense why she

I'm Engaged?!

Not clickbait! It's funny because I have a post from 2020 discussing being alone and my feelings about that and here I am, 3 years later, engaged. Who would have thought?? Because I definitely didn't. God is SO good. I'm posting this in October, but this actually happened on June 30th and as y'all know, I've been horrible at posting on my blog. I'm mostly sharing our story because I have awful memory (My fiancé thought I was being dramatic when I first told him this), and if I ever lose my memory, I want to be able to read our story. And I love reading proposal stories so maybe you might want to read ours? The Ring. I knew even before we started dating that I wanted to pick out my ring. I am the one who has to stare at it on my finger for the rest of my life, so I wanted to make sure that I loved it! Pinterest is great for inspiration, but going to an actual jeweler and trying on rings is better which is exactly what we did and I'm glad because what I saw o

I Gave Up Junk Food for 30 Days

Hi neglected blog!! I've been so bad about posting and I'm sorry. I have ideas in my head and have been TERRIBLE at actually getting on my computer and writing. If you guys have suggestions on motivation and not being a lazy bum, let me know because I'm struggling. It's actually affecting me mentally because I have always been a more creative person and also love this blog and I hate that my life has just been me working and being tired and lazy to do anything else. But anyways! I decided to change up my diet for a month. I wasn't following any actual diet, but basically tried to cut out junk food and processed food, and only eat fruits, vegetables, yogurt, eggs, and any type of protein. Obviously cutting out processed food is impossible since basically everything is processed, lol. As a huge snacker, it was extremely difficult and I definitely did not follow my rules all 30 days. But I felt good about doing this and I thought I would share what I ate. Final thought