17 Life Hacks That You Will Ever Need

Here are legitimately the best life hacks you'll ever need in life. Follow these tips and you're set forever.

1. Go to sleep in whatever you're supposed to wear the next day. You can save time in the morning while getting ready or even sleep in a little extra.

2. If you don't have time to eat dinner (or are just too lazy), just eat a bag of chips. Or whatever food is just lying around. It'll probably fill you up for the time being.

3. Don't wash your hair every day and use dry shampoo if it starts looking gross. It's good not to wash every day (forreal) and you'll save a lot of time and water in the shower.

4. Take power naps during the day so when you end up staying up super late for no good reason once again, it won't kick you in the ass as badly the next morning.

5. If you're too lazy to take down your Christmas trees, keep them up all year and just change up the ornaments for each holiday (Valentine's Day, Easter, etc).

6. Wear tight clothes so you'll be forced to not eat too much.

7. If you're too lazy worried about not getting all the food groups into your body, make a smoothie! You can usually incorporate most or all of the food groups in some way into the smoothie. If you need a easy recipe, watch mine HERE.

8. If you're like me and lose all motivation to study and do homework when you get home, work on those assignments while you're still on campus or in a public area so you feel obligated to stay on task and actually do the work.

9. Don't go out and stay in. You'll save lots of money. And as a bonus, you don't have to worry about interacting with people.

10. Eat over a trashcan instead of taking out a plate. Then you don't have to wash as many dishes and save water!

11. If you feel like eating a lot, but you know you shouldn't eat a lot, eat some popcorn. It's super light and a lot of it won't hurt as badly versus eating a whole bag of chips or cookies.

12. When cleaning (or at least trying to clean), keep horizontal surfaces clear of stuff because it gives the illusion that your space is cleaner than it actually is.

13. Purchase a lap desk and you can avoid sitting at a desk and don't have to worry about overheating your laptop if you're using it. And you can do all your work on your bed or couch!

14. Put your alarm far away from you at night so when it goes off the next morning, you'll be awake by the time you walk over to try to hit the snooze button.

15. If you want to feel slightly more fancy and put together than you actually are, put on some hoop earrings. I wear them all the time even if I'm just wearing a T-shirt and leggings.

16. If you have the tendency to stuff your face with food unnecessarily, specifically at night, brush your teeth. You probably won't feel like eating after.

17. Use your straightener to iron your clothes if you don't have an iron or are too lazy to pull your actual one out. They work the same way.

Some of these are real hacks and some of them are obviously a joke (and probably shouldn't do), but they are inspired by my life so I have unfortunately done them all, lol. Have a great week!




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