What I Learned in 2017

For some odd reason, this has been my favorite post to write all year and I'm so excited to finally share it. I started this post earlier in the year and as you can tell, I learned a lot.

  1. Photography is an actual talent. There are plenty of people out there who are terrible at taking photos. Choose wisely when you ask to get your photo taken.
  2. Don't remove the price tags off new clothes until you actually wear the clothes.
  3. If someone makes you uncomfortable on social media, don't give them attention; ignore them or delete them.
  4. But in addition, don't delete people on social media out of pettiness. Only delete/block if they are having a negative impact on your life or your mental health.
  5. Just because someone looks happy on social media doesn't mean they are happy in real life.
  6. Bug bate is a temporary solution to getting rid of bugs. CLEAN UP YOUR MESS TO PREVENT BUG INFESTATION.
  7. If you have feelings for someone, tell them. The worst they can do is not feel the same way, and if they don't, it's not the end of the world. You can quit wondering how they feel and try to move on.
  8. Don't buy clothes solely because they are on sale. Ask yourself where you would actually wear it before buying it.
  9. Assumptions can be true, but they are not always right. Ask what's going on before assuming.
  10. If a person you know reminds you of someone in your past, and not in a good way, keep your distance.
  11. Hosting a party is much more difficult than it looks.
  12. If a person hasn't changed at all in years and they are an adult now, they are probably never going to change.
  13. Don't sign up for night classes. Especially when it's a core class and has nothing to do with your major.
  14. If there's a guest lecturer in one of your classes, there's a 99.99% chance that your next quiz or exam will have questions from that guest lecture, so pay attention/don't skip that class.
  15. You are 100 times more likely to be productive if you reward yourself with something afterwards.
  16. If you like to stay out late, don't hang out with people whose bedtime is 9pm. (or try to hang out with those people during the day and not at night lol)
  17. Gossiping is messy, but gossiping about other friends to your friends is even messier. Don't do it.
  18. Some people are actually really mean. When people give you advice and it seems mean, examine yourself, your conscience, and the situation closely before taking the advice. Even if majority of the people are telling you the same thing.
  19. Besides fast food, Mexican food is probably the cheapest.
  20. Get drinks during specials. You will save A LOT of money.
  21. If certain people only talk to you when you are out with your friends having fun, ignore those people.
  22. There are a lot of people who will choose their political party over their country. Even if the person representing their party is accused of child molestation.
  23. You can be the most organized person in the world and plan out your entire life, but even then, things will probably go wrong.
  24. Jealousy is truly one of the ugliest traits to have and is one of the best ways to push away people.
  25. Before complaining to someone about your issues, always self-examine and see if it is something you brought upon yourself and could have been avoided.
  26. A "finsta" is a second private instagram account where people post pictures of themselves either doing illegal things, activities that they don't want everyone to see, or ratchet photos of themselves.
  27. It is okay to not be okay.
  28. Don't wear a lot of layers if you're planning on trying on clothes while shopping. You'll spend 10 years removing and putting back on your clothes.
  29. Once you go out of your comfort zone and enjoy it, it's hard to go back to how things were.
  30. Society has changed and the moral compass is different now than it was 10 years ago. If something is considered "correct" on society's terms, but not on your terms, stand up for yourself and what you believe is correct.
I hope 2017 has treated you well and cheers to a new year!

One of my favorite pictures of me this year in New Orleans at the famous Cafe Du Monde. Traveling was very therapeutic for me this year.

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