Best Affordable Makeup (under $15!!!)

A perk of being poor is searching for the best cheap makeup. And that's what I have done. Everything here is under $15 and stuff that I reach for frequently. PSA: I've also talked about some of these products numerous times, so I'm sorry about that, but you will at least understand and hopefully believe me when I say I LOVE these products!! And some of them have flaws, but I think it's 100% worth it for the price and I will go into detail about that as well!

Prices vary from store to store. From my shopping experiences, Walmart has always been the cheapest, so most of the prices I've listed are Walmart prices (unless it can't be found there). If you decide to purchase from Ulta, CVS, or any other store, it might be slightly more pricey, so just keep that in mind! But everything can be found for under $15!!

Photo Focus Foundation || Wet n Wild || $4.68
I don't use foundation often, but when I do, it's this foundation. It has buildable coverage and it has this natural finish that claims to be matte, but I don't think it's too matte. It works well whether you have oily or dry skin! Only con is that the shade range could definitely be expanded 😐
Buy it herePhoto Focus Foundation

Age Rewind Concealer || Maybelline || $7.94
I've been using this concealer for years and it's amazing! Very buildable coverage if you want something more natural or super full coverage. The applicator is a sponge so it feels really nice on the skin. I think I prefer it over a doe-foot applicator because you end up using all the product, so none of it is wasted.
Buy it now: Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer

16HR Camo Concealer || e.l.f. || $5
I cannot believe a concealer this full coverage exists in the drugstore. And for $5!! It is so good and so full coverage! It's a regular doe-foot applicator unlike the Maybelline one, but it is huge and you don't have to keep going back into the bottle for more product! I wouldn't say it's a straight up dupe for Shape Tape, but definitely comes the closest out of all the concealers I've used.
Buy it now: 16 HR Camo Concealer

Murumuru Butter Bronzer || Physician's Formula || $13.23
I've talked about this bronzer before, but it's so good! You don't have to apply too much because it's pretty pigmented. I'm one who ends up flattening my face with the amount of concealer I put, and this bronzer just brings back depth and color to my face. Plus, it also smells amazing, but the smell doesn't linger if you're sensitive to scents.
Buy it now: Murumuru Butter Bronzer

Loose Face Powder || Coty Airspun || $6
This is a loose setting powder that is perfect for setting your face makeup and baking. And it's so cheap!! It comes in a variety of shades, so you can find a shade that works for you. And there is soo much product, so it will last for a long time. The only downside is that it is kinda messy, so be careful when you open it because it is very easy to make a mess.

Buy it now: Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder

MegaGlo Contouring Palette || Wet n' Wild || $3.93
Okay I'll be honest here, I mostly just use the yellow shade. I use it under my eyes to set my concealer and occasionally bake. There are two color palettes available (Caramel Toffee and Dulce de Leche) and I personally don't think the contour shade on either palette is dark enough for the intensity of contour that I like on my skin tone. So if it barely shows up on me, it's definitely not going to show up on deeper skin tones, which is really annoying. BUT it can be used to set your foundation if you're on the deeper spectrum. And if you're fairer than me, this palette will 100% show up on your skin and I think you will love it for contouring! Please make more shades for deeper skin tones, Wet n wild!! Despite that issue, I personally think for the price, the palette is worth it because there are not a lot of highlight shades that are this cheap.
Buy it here: MegaGlo Contouring Palette

Master Chrome Highlighter || Maybelline || $7.94
My go-to highlight. I own it in Molten Gold, but I've heard every shade is amazing, so just go to your local drugstore and pick out whatever shade you want! There are shades for every skin tone and it's SO BLINDING AND I LOVE IT. If you follow me on instagram (@sarthellabra), you have heard me rave about this highlighter numerous times and I've gotten some people to buy it, so just go ahead and send me my check, Maybelline.
Buy it now: Facestudio Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter

Soph x Revolution Highlighter Palette || Makeup Revolution || $12
I thought maybe it was time to venture out of my Master Chrome obsession and look for other highlighters, so I purchased this highlighter palette from Ulta and I love it! I love versatility, so I knew some shades would be perfect for a highlighter, and some could be used as eye shadow, or both! And I'm one who like to play around with color on my eyes, so the purple iridescent highlight shade is perfect for looks like that! It has a variety of shades that work for a lot of skin tones which I love. Definitely worth the price! I know some people have mixed reviews about Makeup Revolution when it comes to their products, but so far what I've purchased from them seems great and super affordable, so I highly recommend checking the brand out!

Buy it now: Soph x Revolution Highlighter Palette

Lash Paradise Mascara || L’Oréal || $9.97
I've had extremely good experiences with drugstore mascara, so I don't see myself splurging on high end mascara. I've talked about this mascara so many times, and I still think it's bomb! Literally looks like false lashes and it doesn't flake. Total dupe for the Two Faced Better Than Sex mascara.

Buy it now: Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara

Pumped Up! Colossal Volum' Express Mascara || Maybelline $6.97
I found a mascara that's almost as good as the Lash Paradise mascara if you want to save a couple of dollars. Also gives the false lashes affect! It's amazing. Maybelline has a bunch of a large variety of mascaras based on your preferences if you wanna check it out.

Buy it now: Pumped Up Colossal Mascara

Instant Lift Brow Pencil || e.l.f. Cosmetics || $2
Such a good brow pencil for the price!! A little goes a long way so it will last you a while. It's a twistable pencil so you don't have to sharpen it. Plus there's a spoolie on one end so you can brush through your brows as well.
Buy it now: Instant Lift Brow Pencil

On Edge Longwearing Eye Pencil (in white) || Wet n Wild || $3.99
I haven't tried any of the other colors except white, but I specifically bought the white because I needed a white eyeliner for the waterline, and this liner is PERFECT for the waterline!! White eyeliner opens up the eyes so much and makes your eyes look bigger, so I sometimes put it in the waterline when I've used a lot of eye shadow and it just seems like my eyes are being swallowed by the makeup.
Buy it now: On Edge Longwearing Eye Pencil

Felt Tip Eyeliner || Wet n Wild || $3.42
One of the best eyeliners I've ever used. Extremely black and goes over eyeshadow well. And it's matte, so no shininess. There's just one downside which has been a common complaint; the lid tends to pop off. I have no idea how and why, but I have found the lid just chilling in my makeup bag, which is super frustrating, so I have to be extra careful and makeup sure the lid is on and can't come off. WET N WILD, FIX IT. Other than that, it is an amazing liner for the price!!
Buy it now: Felt Tip Eyeliner

Butter Eyeshadow Palette in "Tropical Days" || Physician’s Formula || $9.99 (Okay so this palette technically retails for $17.99 on the Physician's Formula website, but it's less than $15 in most stores, so please don't spend $17.99 on it!!)
Okay, so I went to read what others were saying about this palette, and there's a lot of mixed reviews which kinda shocked me, because... I really like this palette?! Most of the reviews were talking about the lack of pigmentation and blendability. I personally think the colors blend really well together. And pigmentation is pretty good! I think the mattes are better than the shimmers, but I use the shimmers as much as the mattes. People complain about the shimmers not being pigmented enough, which I will say is true to a certain extent... IF you want super ultra metallic, wet, shiny shimmers. That being said, I personally don't mind because there are a lot of times when I don't want too much shimmer, but still wanna be glam, if that makes any sense? This palette is PERFECT for that. But you can always wet your brush to get more of a metallic look. And it's a great mix of colors. There are transition shades, highlight shades, shimmers, and mattes. Literally everything you need in one palette.
Buy it now: Murumuru Butter Eyeshadow Palette in "Tropical Days"

Earth Tone Pro Eyeshadow Palette || Hard Candy || $10
Another great quality palette for the price! The color selection is beautiful. Good mix of mattes and shimmers and it has all the shades to create a full look! There is a little bit of fall out, if you don't like fall out, but it doesn't bother me. There's a tiny mirror which actually isn't bad and the brushes are good as well.
Buy it now: Earth Tone Pro Eyeshadow Palette

Color Icon Eyeshadow 10 Pan Palette & Color Icon Quad Palette || Wet n Wild || $5 & $3
I can't speak for all their shadows, but the 10 pan and quad palettes are amazing! Such good quality for the price. And they blend really easily. The shimmers aren't the most blinding shimmers in the world, but if you wet it with a setting spray, they show up. This palette is perfect for traveling and I've taken it on trips before since it's so compact and has all the crucial shades (transition, lid, crease, highlight). It's perfect for beginners because they give instructions on how to use them and different looks you can do!
Buy the 10-pan palettes now: Color Icon Eyeshadow 10 Pan Palette
Buy the quad palettes now: Color Icon Eyeshadow Quad Palette

Color Sensational Color Elixir Lip Lacquer || Maybelline || $8.99
I honestly don't know if this gloss is still available, so I apologize if I'm sharing something that they don't make anymore! It looks like it's still on Maybelline's website though. Anyways, this gloss is amazing! It comes in lots of shades and it's pigmented enough to wear on its own and not be streaky. My favorite way to wear it is first putting on a pinky nude lip liner, slightly (very slightly) overlining the lips. Then taking this gloss and putting it on top. It makes the lips look so nice and extra juicy and not in a fake "I just got bad lip filler" kinda way. 👄
Buy it now: Color Sensational Color Elixir

Moisturizing Lipgloss || L.A. Colors || $1
This is one of the most hydrating glosses I've ever used. I like wearing it on top of a lipstick or sometimes by itself. When it dries down to where you need to reapply, it doesn't feel crusty; it's more like you are wearing a lip balm. And it's only a DOLLAR?!!!

Buy it now: Moisturizing Lipgloss (only available in stores)

There are so many affordable products that I love and even more that I haven't tried. I hope this helps you guys out if you're struggling to find quality inexpensive makeup!

If you're an avid online shopper like me and would like to receive cash back with your purchases, use my link here to receive $10 after your first purchase. I promise it's not a scam, I've done it before and gotten $10 back as well --> Happy shopping!!

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