This is 25.

So I celebrated my 25th birthday this past weekend! And WOW I feel old. One of my best friends and I were joking around about how certain things we were doing were such "this is 25" things. We kinda started listing things as the day went on and I was like, "why am I not putting this in a new blog post?" So here I am, listing 25 things that have happened in my 25th year that have just made me feel... twenty five.

1. Purchasing a special car pillow to help with your back.

2. Waking up early on a Saturday morning to go to a work out class instead of sleeping in.

3. Actually keeping plants alive. Real plants.

4. Having to get your car fixed 3 times in a month by yourself. Without your dad.

5. Cooking real meals that aren't just eggs or frozen hot dogs.

6. Finding house-cleaning therapeutic and getting excited to clean.

7. Taking a trip to visit a new fancy grocery store and being super excited.

8. When you can't stop thinking about your new sofa you ordered while hanging out with friends.

9. Shopping for new furniture and getting excited for the new furniture to arrive.

10. Being in bed by 9pm and feeling proud of the accomplishment.

11. Dyeing grey hairs. (I luv genetics)

12. Getting CVS ExtraBucks and being excited about it.

13. Organizing and downloading all your coupons before heading to the grocery store.

14. Not being able to function without 8 hours of sleep.

15. Going to a bar and leaving when it starts to get crowded.

16. Watching interior decorating/house renovation videos.

17. Having an extremely organized pinterest board of what you want your dream home to look like. (lol not kidding, check it out and follow me →

18. Having to stop yourself from purchasing home decor.

19. Giving skin care recommendations and having to emphasize the importance of SPF to people.

20. Getting more birthday messages on LinkedIn than on Facebook.

21. Stressing about retirement and investments.

22. Seeing your friends buy homes and buying housewarming gifts for them.

23. Buying a cute little car vacuum and unboxing it on Instagram. (@sarthellabra)

24. Having to create a spreadsheet to organize all your expenses and spending.

25. Realizing you are a fourth of the way to 100.

Here are some pictures from my 25th birthday with some of my sweet friends!

Hope y'all are having a wonderful labor day weekend (or just good day in general depending on when you're reading this lol)! Hoping to share more on here soon. Life has just gotten so busy, and I'm sorry for neglecting this blog!

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