"Angry" Piano Cover

Okay this is kind of a rant, but this is the story as to why I posted a video of me playing this song! soo the Fourth of July is usually a fun occasion for everyone! Celebrating with friends and family, going to the lake or beach, vacationing, etc, etc. I've just stayed in Auburn with my family majority of the time and some years we've gone up north or to India! My family lives really close to where the fireworks are held which is kind of cool so we usually just walk there and I always ask friends if they want to join us. This year though, none of my friends could come except my roommate, Lauren, but that was fine! I got dressed somewhat festively (I say "somewhat" because I don't own a lot of patriotic clothing), put on make-up and actually tried to look cute for the holiday. But by the time I reached my family's house, it started raining. and pouring. and it rained basically all night. I got super annoyed because this has happened multiple times here in the south. And I basically put on makeup for no reason cause the rain was gonna mess it up! To let out my frustration, I got on the piano and decided to play my "angry" song (and record myself doing it to cross it off my summer bucket list)... which is really just a classical piece I played back in high school and had to memorize, but I absolutely love it! The cover isn't perfect, but it's definitely better than I was expecting. It's kinda funny how anger and frustration brings out my inner pianist haha. Enjoy listening!!



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