DIY Lip Scrub

okay, I don't know about you guys, but my lips have been getting really dry and rough, and it's super frustrating and gross and chapstick has not been helping!! so I went and looked online and found a bunch of lip scrub recipes and decided to make it myself, and IT IS AMAZING! it really softens and smooths your lips! these recipes are all over the internet, but posting it one more time won't hurt, will it? :P

all you need is:
- brown sugar
- honey
- olive oil

mix them all together till you get a paste-like substance. I'm not giving an actual amount of each ingredient because it's entirely up to you if you want enough for multiple uses or just a one-time thing. all I will say is make sure you put more brown sugar than any other ingredient because then it will just be a lot of oily liquid with brown sugar at the bottom and not really a paste.

this stuff is a lifesaver and I would not be posting this if it didn't help so try it out if you want luscious lips!! lol.

looks kinda gross, but it is amazing for da lips!



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