Fashion Post 1

tbh I forgot that my blog says "fashion" in the description, so I thought it was time to show an outfit...
SHORTS: body central*
TANK: body central
CARDIGAN: ellie clothing boutique
NECKLACE: body central
HAIR: literally washed it, let it air dry, and put it up with a hair clip from walmart
PEACE SIGN: 6th grade
I don't know what this outfit would be perfect for, but I wore it for a waka flocka concert, lol. I am no fashion expert, not studying fashion at school, or anything related whatsoever. this is just me having an fun interest in fashion and clothes. the money (or lack of money) in my wallet doesn't always match my taste in clothes but I try to make outfits work under a very low budget!

and GUYS. I look like I rolled out of bed located in a trashcan about 90% of the time, so I don't know how often these posts will come. this picture was taken back in march and I'm posting this 6 months later if that gives you an idea of how often I dress up. (okay, I actually dress up more often than that, but I hope you're getting the point, haha.) Hope you guys enjoyed this!

*unfortunately body central closed. I'm still in mourning. if anyone knows where you can find stretchy one-size-fits-all, form-fitting tanks like this one, let me know. because these were my favorite and so far I haven't found a type like these.



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