Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

this is slightly delayed, but summer is finalllllly over! I honestly kinda hated this summer and it was way too hot for my liking, so I'm extremely glad it's over and the cooler weather is here. I did do a few fun things though and accomplished a lot from my summer bucket list, so here's photographic and video evidence of some of the things I did over the season....

updated my "wall of fame". it's never fully done, but it does look better than it did earlier this summer!

I posted a youtube video of me playing the piano after a long time! more details about why I wanted to cover this, click here.

made this smores dip... SO GOOD. thanks Buzzfeed!
made Chicken Mozzarella Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomatoes with my friends... deeelish.

tried Steel City Pops for the first time... perfect for a hot summer day!

had a much needed GNO with these sweet friends!

watched a sunrise... something rare because I hate getting up in the morning.

went to lake martin!

got a little crafty

had a few movie nights, ate cookie cake, and celebrated our unbirthdays ;)

started working out regularly and actually kinda love it now!

you can't really see the food, but we had a picnic!

you're probably like huh, but I watched Gone Girl in theaters last year not knowing a thing about it or even watching a trailer and it was AWESOME, so I had to read it, but instead of buying a hardcopy, I got an E-text version of it on and listened to it. sooo good and so worth the time put into listening to the book! 

I posted a silly video of me and lauren doing our version of the "Say Anything" Challenge! we had fun with it. (PLEASE subscribe to my youtube channel. super easy and it means a lot! --> Sarah Abraham)

spent a night on samford lawn

met Rebecca Zamolo! check out her youtube channel here.

met Joshua Evans as well at his FIRST SOLO SHOW EVER, nbd. check out his youtube channel here.

we had a random photoshoot! it was SO HOT!

and yeah. that's basically all the fun things I did this summer. hope you enjoyed. please follow my blog to stay up to date with all my posts! on a computer or using the "web layout" option, there is a "follow by email" button on the right of my posts and it's super easy to follow. I think you can follow my Google+ account on the mobile version of the blog, but I don't think it's the same thing? but anyways, just follow and I'll be happpy! :)






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