Stop & Admire the Beauty Around You!

When I'm stressed out or avoiding all my problems, God sometimes does this cool thing where either He opens my eyes to the beauty that surrounds me or decides to make everything pretty. or both, lol. My walk from class was extra boooootiful and calming today, so I took some pictures!

(shoes from Charlotte Russe)

So gorgeous, am I right?? If you're in stress mode like me, go outside, take a walk, and just take in all the prettiness! Now is a great time because the temperature is perfect (at least in the southern United States, lol). It is very calming and relaxing! Now I'm gonna get back to studying. Or at least try. Ha. Only a few short weeks of classes left!!






  1. Why get worked up, why load all the stuff, when all is well with a decent career in visual communication

  2. Soul inspiring work of God, to whom, the Father, belongs thee. Anything for that little boy down the street! Creativity flows to the rhythm of thy dancing feet, Looking forward, I am not afraid to swim in Cape Canaveral, from where man took off to the moon, Oh sunshine oh sunshine


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