I went to Walmart a couple of days ago with my mom. I like shopping with her because sometimes (okay most of the time) she'll buy me things, so I don't have to use my own money, haha. I went to the book section and they had a big selection of those adult coloring books which have become a big thing recently because they're supposedly therapeutic? Well, I found one that I liked so I asked my mom if she could get it for me. She said no. Not only because it seemed a little pricey for a coloring book, but she said something along the lines of, "You can create this yourself." I was kinda upset, but I wasn't dying for the book so I didn't bother buying it with my own money and just left it.

Around bedtime, I got a little bored and thought about the coloring book remembering what my mom had said. So I grabbed an empty notebook and some color pencils and just started drawing and writing whatever ideas came to my mind.

Apparently, a lot of things came into my mind at that hour because I ended up creating four pieces of art that night. And they weren't totally terrible (in my opinion at least)!

One of the drawings from that night.
What's my point here? My point is that if I had gotten one of those coloring books, my mind wouldn't have opened up creatively. I wouldn't have drawn something original, and it probably wouldn't have looked as good as the work I created without the coloring book. It would have just a copy of something thousands of other people are also coloring. And I know I definitely wouldn't have been as excited with the results considering the fact that the layout was already there and all I would have had to do is color it in. (I know this example is not applicable to everyone, but bear with me) Sometimes in life I feel like we just blindly follow what society does. Not really coming up with our own ideas. Doing things because everyone else is doing it. And sometimes those things are not necessarily the right things to do. Just because everyone else owns these cool pair of shoes doesn't mean we have to go buy a pair. Just because everyone else is doing that crazy thing doesn't mean we have to do it. Whatever we decide to do on our own might actually be better than what the rest of the world is doing! It is okay to be different and be you and do you. I'm slowly trying to learn and accept that because everyone tells me one thing, but my heart tells me to do something else.
"Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind." Romans 12:2
Btw. I'm not hating on those adult coloring books! I still think they are pretty awesome and probably still a good way to destress because coloring is fun. And I kinda still want one. Kinda.

James Corden talked about the coloring books on his show which aired while I was writing this. I thought he was hilarious and it's a definite must-watch!

If you didn't notice, I changed the URL of my blog because it's easier to tell people when they ask about it. So update your bookmarks if you had my blog bookmarked! There are going to be small changes here and there throughout the year, so stay tuned.




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  4. Romans 7:14
    For we know that the law is spiritual; but I am of the flesh, sold into slavery under sin.I do not understand my own actions.


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