I got a haircut

FYI this post is gonna be all over the place, so bear with me.

I've kinda been wanting to cut my hair... and at the same time I also wanted to grow it out. But two days ago in class, I found myself playing with my split ends and not paying attention to the lecture. And usually if I catch myself doing that, it means it's time for a trim. I don't know about you guys, but when the idea of a haircut enters my mind, there's no going back and I have to cut it that day. It's kinda bad, haha.
So later that night around 8:30 I went to get my haircut. I went to Great Clips* because it's cheap and usually stays open kinda late. I was kinda hesitant to go to the one by my house because my family has had bad experiences there with the employees, but I just had to cut my hair right then because, ya know, my impulses. lol. While I was walking in, this employee who I'm gonna call "Mary Lou" gave me one of the dirtiest looks I have ever seen. I knew this was gonna end badly. I even texted my roommate because I just knew this was gonna be a mistake. I signed in and sat down to wait for my turn. While waiting, like 5 other people walked in after me. This was around 8:50 and the place closes at 9. Mary Lou started complaining openly (in front of the customers) about how she was going to go home late now because all these people walked in last minute for a haircut. I was shocked, kinda annoyed and hoped she would not be cutting my hair. But of course, she was the one to cut my hair. I sat down at her station and she asked me how much I wanted cut off.

I said, "3 inches, maybe? I might change my mind during it and ask for more of it cut."
"Excuse me but I do not have time to give you two haircuts, I have to cut all these other people's hair and I have to go home at some point. You can only give me one length." (these weren't her exact words, but that's basically what she said)

Okay, I am one of those people who can't deal properly with rude people especially if they are strangers. If you're rude to me, I'll probably be rude to you. (I know that's not a good thing lol) But I decided to ignore her rudeness tonight and try to be nice.

"Oh, um I'm sorry, then I'll like 3 and half inches cut off please, thank you!" So she started cutting my hair. And she started complaining more to me. She still had an attitude, but I tried to be nice to her. And surprisingly she was becoming nicer as I continued the conversation with her. She asked about my education and plans after graduating. After Mary Lou was done, she asked if I liked my hair. I personally thought I could have asked for more taken off, but I knew she wanted to hurry and go home. And I had actually gone against all my friends' wishes and cut my hair (they all wanted me to keep it long for some odd reason, lol).

"Yeah I like it! I actually wanted to go much shorter, but all my friends wanted me to keep it long, so I did them a favor." Then she said, "I can take some more off for you, if you'd like. How much more?" I was REALLY surprised.
"Oh wow, okay... can you please cut maybe another inch and a half?"
"You want me to stay here all night... but okay!" She said it jokingly, but I still apologized for giving her trouble.

I don't know... this experience was kind of eye opening for me because it's crazy how I witnessed Mary Lou being totally rude to me and everyone at the hair salon, but she slowly became nice to me when I was nice to her and even cut my hair shorter at my request despite the fact that she wanted to go home. It was a lesson for me, because there is no harm in being nice to people. And who knows, they might be having a bad day and you might make the person's day!
"Do to others as you would like them to do to you." Luke 6:31
And btw, I am totally satisfied with my haircut! Like I'm obsessed with my hair and I am very happy and I feel more like myself and more free and idk if I ever wanna grow it out again and I could write a post just about my hair and now I'm just rambling right now so bye. 

Yes, I clearly have make up on in the after pic :P

*I don't want to give Great Clips a bad rep. I am very happy with my hair and for all I know, the one where I live might be the only one with iffy employees.




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