40 Things to Give Up (Or Change) for Lent

I can't believe it, but Lent is almost here... it feels like Christmas was just yesterday! If you observe Lent and struggle with trying to figure out what to give up or change in your life, here are some ideas. I'm struggling this year too, lol.

1. Give up junk food.
2. Give up eating out/fast food.
3. If you drink a lot, give up alcohol.
4. Read the Bible every day at bedtime or in the morning for 5-10 minutes.
5. Give up shopping.
6. Respond to text messages quickly instead of taking hours (or days).
7. Get involved in your local ministries (youth, college, adult, etc).
8. Give up TV and/or Netflix.
9. Exercise instead of watching Netflix and TV.
10. Give up video games.
11. Volunteer and help those in need.
12. Go to church more than once a week.
13. Listen to Christian music instead of secular music.
14. Cut out swearing/profanity from everyday language.
15. Give up meat.
16. Wash dishes immediately after use instead of letting them pile up.
17. Give up watching Youtube (@me).
18. Spend time praying for someone else every day.
19. Give up social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc), or allot a certain amount of time to be on it each day (or week).
20. If you can't give up social media completely, give up Facebook stalking (sounds dumb, but think about it).
21. Give up drinking soda.
22. Give up drinking coffee.
23. If you're one to take pictures of yourself a lot, give up taking selfies.
24. Give up complaining and look at the more positive aspects of life instead.
25. Start journaling or write letters to God.
26. If you smoke, give up smoking.
27. Quit procrastinating.
28. Try to be less mean to people, and instead compliment someone each day, whether if it's their hair, positive attitude, etc.
29. Give up wearing makeup (@girls).
30. If you spend a lot of time getting intimate with people of the opposite sex, give up hooking up* and/or one night stands (@college students).
31. Give up candy.
32. Clean your room every day instead of letting it get dirty (don't be a sloth).
33. Give up using products and heat on your hair (@girls).
34. Pray the rosary (if you're Catholic).
35. Give up Pinterest (especially those wedding boards).
36. Donate money to your favorite charity or another cause.
37. Tithe.
38. Join a Bible study or start your own.
39. Give up going on your phone at night.
40. Sign up for the Best Lent Ever.
*I'm aware "hooking up" has different definitions. You'll probably know what I mean, so you be the judge. :P

Lent is a form of fasting, so basically, use these 40 days to give up something that will better you as a person and bring you closer to Christ. It's a form of sacrifice. So if you hate vegetables, giving up vegetables for Lent wouldn't be a real sacrifice. I mean, let's be real, lol. This is a good time to stop that bad habit, or take a break from something you enjoy. Or if you don't spend much time reading the Bible, now is a good time to start. Whatever ends up working for you, I hope it helps you brings you closer to God!

I do a lot of things on this list, so I have nooo idea which of these things I'm gonna give up or add to my life. If you have any other ideas, comment below???


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